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My Strengths and Weaknesses

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The thing about learning is that it can be obtained from the positive and negative experiences. Some people will only focus on the positive experiences and that when they are faced with a shortcoming, they fail to recognise the value within it and as a result never truly grow or expand their horizons. Based on my personal experience, the more I was involved in the film industry, the more I learned about my strengths and weaknesses.

The very first short film that I made, I had to overcome a few pitfalls and learn new things along the way. Towards the end of the film shoot, it became clear to me in what areas I needed to improve upon and one of the first issues I encountered was with the filming location. Because I did a location scout remotely due to the difficulty of the terrain, I didn't realise that the area where I needed to film on the day was inaccessible by vehicle. As a result, myself and my driver had to quickly scout the local areas for a more suitable filming location based on the script. I realised from this experience that next time I needed to improve on my research skills. When we finally found a suitable filming location, its appearance was different to what was written in the script causing a slight change in production. However I quickly find myself applying one of my strengths which is being able to adapt to changing circumstances and think outside the box.

This illustration is an example of how my experiences have highlighted my strengths and weaknesses giving me an advantage to improve.

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