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It is easy to say now that I want to be a filmmaker but it wasn't always this clear in the past and a lot of obstacles had to be overcomed in order to arrive at this conclusion.

Since moving to the UK in my teenage years, I had to adjust to a new life starting from ground-zero leaving friends and previous life behind. In my early adult years the dream of getting into acting became stronger but it’s not till later on that I’ve realised that filmmaking is where my heart lies.

I had my very first Sony digital camcorder that used mini-dvd to record the videos on. In my free time or at work during my lunch breaks I would tinker and experiment with different filming techniques attempting to imitate famous movies with my camcorder. Fast forward a few years I got into acting and got my first paid jobs as an Extra (Supporting Artist) on a few big movie productions one of them being a 2017’s Wonder Woman. It was amazing to see just how professionally,  quick, efficiently the film crew operated on a multimillion dollar film production. On top of all that I had an opportunity to stand next to big Hollywood stars. These types of experiences gave me more drive to focus on a movie career but it’s not till later on I became more interested in filmmaking than acting. It’s funny to look back but I’ve met my acting coach through my local church and that's where it all started. While I was attending acting classes I met many talents and made some friendsalong the way. I would attend networking events where I would meet even more connections from the movie industry, the likes of producers, actors, cinematographers, directors etc.

I wrote my very first script for the stage production which was the biggest the church had to date. I am always happy to assist friends and colleagues with filming short films or showreels and in return I’ve gained valuable skills and experiences that will always stay with me.

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