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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Filmaking is about the passion to tell stories. If that passion burns within you then you will have no choice but to ride the train at any cost. The most powerful and expensive story telling tool is the human mind. Infinitely inventive, made tougher by rejection, and committed to the last neuron.

Making movies can be extremely expensive but by volume most movies made are not blockbusters . Every short, every TV Commercial, every low budget feature, every doc, every TV program, every youtube channel is a story. A movie. A moving image that tells a story. Telling a story can be done with any budget, although a story about a jetsetting spy will cost a bit more.

Every single person involved in a big movie worked on a medium movie first. Everbody who works on medium budgeted movies have worked on smaller movies first. Everybody who made a small movie made something smaller before that. Everybody starts knowing nothing and through a potent blend of curiosity, excitement and perseverance hopefully become an active and worthwhile player in the game.

No guaranteed paths, promotions or even renumeration for many years of toil. Having access to cash to help survive between gigs would improve your odds, but surprisingly not as much as you might think. Lots of people with lots of money don't get in any easier.

If you want to move forward, and cannot stop trying, you will make it at least part of the way there and be heading in a direction you like.

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