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At Nenets Productions, we provide corporate video service to businesses and organisations for internal or external use.

Our winning formula for creating outstanding corporate video content for our customers are; Engaging, Fun, and Eye-catching. Corporate video is an essential way of communicating whatever you sell or provide as a service. It is a video that communicates your message. 

A beautifully crafted corporate video by Nenets Productions can help to showcase your company profile along with the products and services. It is an effective way to reach more clients and customers, and to create the best impression of your brand and products.



Promotional/brand videos

Promotional Videos focus on  your product or service. They are also effective in creating consumer awareness for new product or service launches. This can further be broken down into Product Videos or Service Videos. 

Brand Videos help develop and increase  brand awareness in your target market(s). 


Staff training, including instructional and health & safety videos

Training/How-to/Safety Videos focus on teaching internal procedures and programs to employees. They are ideal for teaching security and compliance. 


Internal Communication Videos

Internal Communication Videos focus on sharing information within the company or to clients. This can be useful when trying to update employees on company news, directional changes, or resources. 


Company Profile Videos

Company Profile Videos focus on giving a broad overview of your company, products, and services to consumers and stakeholders. It focuses on your purpose, values, history, and messages from high ranking executives. 


Client and customer testimonial videos

Testimonial Videos showcase either employee or customer reviews or feedback of your product or service. They can be more effective than written testimonials because people are more likely to watch than to read. You can also further promote your company by including footage that the person being filmed mentions. This is not something that you can do with written testimonials. 


Event Videos, including product launches or conferences, and videos created for such events

Event Videos usually tend to be compilations or recaps of the event the company hosted or participated in. They are an effective way to build company culture.


Conference Videos present valuable information to consumers about key issues such as industry trends, current challenges, solutions, and future visions of your company or industry. They can also be informational videos that can be presented at the conference itself.

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